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15 November 2025 @ 10:09 am


Contact me there.

Few notes to be made aware of:
+ Links on this journal have been updated. You can see the recommendations by clicking the links in the sidebar without having to go to my new journal and add me.
+ Due to problems in the past with strictly 'fandom' friends I am wary about adding new ones. I'd much rather prefer adding personal journals or talking about it beforehand. It's nothing personal, but my updates are infrequent and my checking of my f-list even more-so. If you like friends who constantly update and check entries/comment/reply you might need to look elsewhere.
+ This is a dead journal and I will not be bringing it back. Ever. The only reason you see this one commenting on communities is because it's still paid for it's tied to a lot of older comms I doubt I could re-join due to mod absence.
+ If you want my old fanfiction you can find it all here.
+ If we were friends on this journal and you want to be on the new one you don't even have to ask. Just add me and I'll be glad to add you right back.
+ I disabled virtual gifts on all my accounts. Same goes for private messages. Adding me will not give you the ability to send me pms or gifts so really, don't worry about it.
Current Mood: curiouscurious